Kodi Box users about to be hit with tough new rules that could make some of the boxes illegal in the UK.

These Kodi device allows users to access a host of online content including services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video which itself is legal, however, because it’s an open platform, allowing users to install additional applications that allow them to access copyrighted material – this is where the problem lies.

With estimates as high as 20 million devices in use in the UK right now, increasing by the day authorities have decided enough is enough and the Intellectual Property Office is now involved in trying to put a stop to the sale and use of the ‘loaded devices’.

These ‘loaded devices’ enable users to access the latest blockbuster movies, TV shows and premium sports channels uploaded, shared or streamed by other users around the globe.

In a recent post about its current consultation on Kodi Boxes, the IPO said: “Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) boxes (also known as set-top boxes, Android TV boxes or Kodi boxes) are small plug and play media servers, originally designed to allow consumers to stream legitimate content (locally stored or legal online content).

“Despite the legitimate use of this equipment, software is widely available (illicit Kodi extensions being the best known) which connect the boxes to illegal content through streaming websites, file lockers and BitTorrent trackers.”

The consultation will close on April 7th 2017


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