Later this month, there will be a week of art exhibitions and activities taking place across the town to support people with their mental health.

Swindon Borough Council is working in partnership with 17 organisations to promote the link between mental wellbeing and arts.

Swindon Wellbeing and Arts Week will be running from Saturday, 9 to Saturday, 16 February and will see local organisations offering a selection of activities such as painting, crafts and dancing to raise awareness of how art can have a positive impact on people’s  mental health.

There will also be a series of art exhibitions at various locations across the town and the full programme can be found on the ‘Swindon Wellbeing and Arts Festival’ Facebook page.

This week of events is one example of how public, private, community and voluntary sector organisations from across the town are coming together to promote positive messages around mental health to remove the stigma and encourage more local people to support each other.

This follows the Mental Health Awareness Week pop-up shop in May last year and the more recent drive to promote men’s mental health, which 13 organisations are currently involved with.

Councillor Brian Ford, Swindon Borough Council’s Mental Health Champion and Cabinet Member for Adults, said: “Mental health is something which affects each and every one of us so it is important we take positive steps to look after it, and support others to do so as well.

“As a council, we want to spread positive messages around mental wellbeing across the borough and we really value the fantastic partnership work taking place, of which Swindon Wellbeing and Arts Festival is just one example. I’d urge more organisations to get involved and help get people talking about mental health and take steps to help themselves and others around them.”


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