The Daily Mail has reported that a study has found Swindon to be the most affordable town in the UK for those looking to rent.

The job website Adzuna compared average advertised salaries with average rental figures in towns and cities across the UK to find the most affordable and the most expensive places for renters to live.

The study found that in Swindon, workers can expect 11.5% of their take-home salary to go on rent, which is much lower than the national average of 22.1%.

The study assumes that the cost of monthly rent is split equally between two people sharing a home.

Bradford, Hull, Dudley and Durham were also reportedly in the top five “best value towns for renters”, with workers in these areas typically paying out less than 13% of their wages on rent.

In contrast, Londoners can expect to pay out 41% of their wages and those living in Oxford 39% of their wages on rent.

Andrew Hunter, co-founder of Adzuna, said: “Even though workers may be paid a higher monthly salary, their left-over cash is often smaller after paying steep living costs and local property premiums.”

He said alternative locations such as Swindon “offer a much more attractive deal” as it can give renters in Swindon more opportunity to save any leftover cash from their wages for a deposit to buy a home.

These are the top 10 towns and cities where workers can expect to spend the smallest proportion of their salary on rent, according to the research done by Adzuna:

1. Swindon, 11.5%
2. Bradford, 11.8%
3. Hull, 11.9%
4. Dudley, 12.8%
5. Durham, 12.9%
6. Stoke-on-Trent, 13.6%
7. Middlesbrough, 14%
=8. Rochdale, 15%
=8. Derby, 15%
10. Belfast, 15.3%


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