This weekend will see thousands of runners taking to the street in the Swindon Half Marathon. 

All roads along the course will be closed around 45 minutes before the first runner sets off and will be reopened as soon as the last runner has cleared through the section.

The majority of the course will be closed to traffic heading in the direction of the runners with the exception of Victoria Road.

Roads will be coned off along the centre to allow traffic to flow in the opposite direction.

As the route reaches Rodbourne Road next to the Outlet Centre, runners will use the service bridge towards Penzance Drive to enable traffic to move through the area.

Road Closures

  • Shrivenham Road crossing of the Magic Roundabout from the County Ground to Queens Drive. All lanes
  • Queens Drive from the Magic Roundabout to Coate Water – Direction lane only
  • Dorcan Way (B4006) from Coate Water to Greenbridge – Left Lane Closure only
  • Greenbridge Roundabout closed from Dorcan Way into Direction of Highworth
  • Stratton road towards Swindon Road Ramp – Closed
  • Bridgend Road – Closed only in the direction of Greenbridge to Cirencester Way
  • Cirencester Way towards Transfer Bridges – Closed on left lane only (Dual Carriageway)
  • Transfer bridges – Closed
  • Great Western Way between the transfer Bridges and Cockelberry Roundabout – Closed on one lane only (Dual Carriageway)
  • Corporation Street Bridge – Closed
  • B4289 Between Corporation Street and Polaris Way – Closed one lane only (Dual Carriageway)
  • Polaris Way running besides North Star College – Closed
  • North Star Avenue – Closed one lane with permissible passing
  • Hawksworth Way from the entrance of the Oasis to Newcombe Drive – Closed one lane only (left lane only when looking in the direction from the Oasis)
  • Newcombe Drive (Hawksworth Industrial Estate) – Closed one lane in the direction towards Great Western Way – Permissible passing at the top to access Skate park and units.
  • Great Western Way from Newcombe Drive to Bruce Street bridges – Closed one lane only (Dual Carriageway)
  • Bruce Street bridges – Closed one lane only between great Western Way and Kemble Drive
  • Kemble Drive – Closed one lane only in direction from Bruce Street Bridges towards Outlet Village
  • Penzance Drive towards Outlet West Car Park – Closed in the direction of Outlet West Car Park towards Mannington
  • A3102 (Wootten Bassett Road) – In the direction from Mannington Roundabout towards Town, Road Closed past turning into Penzance Drive – Diversion out past Outlet Village under railway bridge
  • Redpost Drive & outer road running past Whichlestowe towards Pipers Way – Road Closed on left side only when coming from direction of the BMW dealership. Managed Crossings to exit Juno Way and Eyam Road. All traffic can only flow in the direction of Pipers way and Wootten Bassett Road
  • Waitrose Roundabout and Mill Lane – Open
  • Pipers way – Closed left lane only in direction from Croft Road to Pipers Roundabout (Marriott)
  • B4289 from Pipers Roundabout toward Wood Street. Closed Left lane only with permissible crossings from Evelyn Street and Signal Way
  • B4289 Roundabout next to Co Op – Closed
  • Wood Street – Closed
  • Victoria Road – Closed between Bath Road Roundabout and Union Row, after which Victoria Hill will only be closed on the left hand side when facing down the hill. Traffic can still go up Victoria Road to the point of Union Row (between Longs Bar and the Vic) Permissible passing will be made into the Car park for Regent Circus Cinema etc.
  • Commercial Road. Closed
  • Market Street past Tented Market to Wharf green – closed

Any last minute changes to the route will be published on the marathon website.


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