Two Swindon businesses have offered financial support to a group of Swindon dancers, helping them to fund the experience of a lifetime.

Originally started in 1993 as K. School of Music, Julie Scott’s Academy, as it is now known offers Jazz, Street, Freestyle, Tap, Ballet and Musical Theatre Classes.

The dance school have been selected to travel to the Disney resort in Paris to take part in a huge event and will be performing in the famous street parades this August.

The school has to raise around £6,000 to ensure the children can get to and from the event and also look the part to be representing Swindon in the Disney parades.

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Wayne Sims,parent of one of the children, has been tirelessly fundraising to ensure the funds are raised before the deadline and fundraising efforts have been given a boost this last week with donations from MFor Festival and Faldings Fandangos.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the group reach the target and all donations are greatly appreciated.




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