Swindon Labour have made a statement regarding their fears over the speed and clarity of  the Government’s plans for the country’s withdrawal from the EU.

Two years on from the Referendum, they point out, and following stark warnings from big manufacturers, including Swindon car manufacturer BMW, we are still waiting for the Government to negotiate the Brexit deal Britain needs.

The Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer has warned that Theresa May’s “rash and ideological red lines” have hampered the Brexit negotiations and put jobs and the economy at risk. He said that “instead of negotiating for Britain, the Cabinet is still negotiating with itself. The next six months cannot be like the last two years. The Government must end the deadlock and deliver a deal that puts jobs and the economy first”.

The Tories said the Brexit negotiations would be “one of the easiest in human history”. However, two years on from the Referendum:

– Theresa May has still not published her plan for Brexit, with the promised white paper now delayed further

– Nearly two thirds of Brexit legislation has yet to be passed into law

– 40% of Brexit bills are still to be introduced by ministers, including the agriculture and fisheries bills

– The immigration white paper has been delayed by nearly a year

-Ministers remain deeply divided over the UK’s future customs arrangements with the EU and our relationship with the single market

Sarah Church, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for South Swindon said, “No one voted for Brexit to be without a job or to have a detrimental impact on the local economy. The warnings this week from BMW about potentially leaving the UK will have a direct impact on peoples’ lives here in Swindon- people are already very concerned. The Government must act to protect our jobs and to ensure that the logistics chains of our large manufacturers are not held up by crashing out of the customs union when we come out of the EU.”


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