The Labour Group Leader, Jim Grant, will be joining Liberal Democrat Leader, Stan Pajak, in proposing a motion at Thursday’s Full Council Meeting, asking for a change in the Council’s decision-making system to the Committees System.

The Committees system was in operation at Swindon Borough Council until 2000 when the Leader and Cabinet system was introduced, following a change of legislation. This decision-making system has been in operation since then and the Labour and Liberal Democrat groups believe it is time to revert back to the previous system.

The Labour and Liberal Democrat groups hope this system could be in place by the 2019 Annual Council Meeting.

The Leader of the Labour Group, Councillor Jim Grant, said,“There are so many elected councillors with vast banks of experience and expertise to draw upon yet this arrangement is simply stifling those with smaller voices in favour of councillors in cabinet. A Committees System would be more open to a broader range of opinions and viewpoints.

The Localism Act (2011) promotes devolution on a local level which is exactly what the Committees System would present. We would not be the first council to update our decision making structure as locations such as Nottingham have found the Committees system to work fantastically.

I believe that this new system will enable the Council to debate policy in a meaningful and open manner to encourage properly discussion on the future of the Council and the Swindon borough.

In light of this, we will be requesting that the cross-partyCorporate Governance Review Working Group work on a proposal on how the council can vastly improve its decision making system through the Committees System.”


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