Police throughout the UK are catching just over four people speeding every minute, the equivalent of 6,000 every day.

Latest figures though show Wiltshire Police are at the bottom of the tables when it comes to those caught offending – or is it people just drive slower through the county?

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The study has been carried out by Dr Adam Snow from Liverpool John Moores University for the RAC Foundation.

Avon and Somerset police top the league table with 199,337 reported offences throughout 2017/18, around 548 a day with Wiltshire at the very bottom – just 1,191, per year or 3 per day!

Is this report implying people immediately speed up after they pass Chippenham on the M4 or is there something more to it?

Sgt Simon Drewett of Wiltshire Police said: “Back in 2010, the Force, alongside Wiltshire Council and Swindon Borough Council, took the difficult decision to close Wiltshire and Swindon Camera Safety Partnership due to funding pressures.

Despite this Wiltshire Police has maintained its commitment to road safety and has worked in partnership with other agencies to continue improving road safety, supporting schemes such as the very active Community Speed Watch and Safe Drive Stay Alive.

“Our Roads Policing officers also regularly carry out mobile speed checks around the county – these are often done in response to a spike in collisions, or intelligence from the public relating to speeding.

“It is important to remember that speed is just one factor among other contributors in collisions.

“Anything we can do to make our roads safer has to be a good thing – our community policing teams work closely with our Community Speed Watch volunteers, and we are always keen to hear from people who have concerns about speeding in their local area. You can find out more about Community Speedwatch and how to report speeding concerns on our website https://www.wiltshire.police.uk/article/782/Community-Speed-Watch



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