In February the Animal Health Trust issued a warning for dog owners to be aware that some imported jerky treats may cause kidney dysfunction. Although we have not seen any cases at our clinics. There are reports that vets across the country have seen a number of dogs with kidney problems which they feel may be linked to them eating imported dried jerky treats, specifically chicken or duck. While a cause is unknown, all the treats were identified as originating from China.

Mellora Sharman, Internal Medicine Clinician at the Animal Health Trust said:

“If you are in any doubt about feeding jerky treats to your dog, double check the country of origin on the packaging. The important thing is that most dogs respond well if the treats are removed from their diet promptly after noticing the clinical signs: increased thirst, loss of appetite and increased need to urinate… Some dogs may require hospitalisation and supportive medication but the more extreme cases of this syndrome so far appear to be less common in the UK. If you are currently feeding these types of treats to your pet and have any concerns, you should make an appointment with your vet and take the packaging of any treats with you to discuss in the consultation…This problem has been reported previously in America and Australia since 2007, as well as in the UK. It’s impossible to say what the cause of the syndrome is at this stage, as nothing has been proven yet. Several possible causes have been explored, such as the presence of salmonella, pesticides, glycerin, anti virals and level of irradiation in the treats, but none of these have been confirmed to be linked to the illness in dogs so far.”

Article supplied by Eastcott Vets Swindon

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