With just hours left until Christmas, we are giving you the opportunity to track Santa’s journey to your house with NORAD’s Santa tracker, which has gone live.

The North American Aerospace Defence Command follows his sleigh throughout Christmas Eve from when he sets off on his 510,000,000 km journey.

You can track Santa Claus’ exact GPS location, beginning in the South Pacific before he heads west to Australia and New Zealand.

In most countries, Father Christmas arrives between 9pm and midnight on Christmas Eve.

More than nine million people visited the site last year to find out how long they had to wait for him to deliver their gifts.

The site also has Santa Cams, taking real-time video and images as he flies around the world.

Usually responsible for defending US airspace, NORAD has been keeping an eye on Santa’s sleigh for more than 60 years.

The tradition began after a child called the Continental Air Defence Command after Sears mistakenly printed their number.

Colonel Harry Shoup, who answered the call, received multiple calls that night from other children, all looking for the whereabouts of Father Christmas.

NORAD Tracks Santa® Logo

The tracking service has continued since, and in 2014, NORAD answered more than 100,000 calls to their hotline from kids wanting to find out when Santa would arrive.

More than 1,500 US and Canadian military personnel volunteer to staff the phone lines.


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