Dodgy emails claiming to be from Netflix and the TV licensing authority are doing the rounds, which if you click them will no doubt end up costing you some of your hard earned cash.
A warning from Action Fraud is aiming to stop people from falling for the misleading messages.
The Netflix scam is sent out to thousands of email addresses warning individuals their subscription payment has failed.
Included in the email will be card or bank details which although look genuine will not be yours, this is to ensure you click the link to update your account adding in your genuine payment details in the process.
TV License
The TV License email will be advising you that you are due a refund which has not been able to be credited to your account urging you to click ‘Refund me Now’. You will then be redirected to a scam site where they hope you will again enter in your actual card details.
The TV License website is full of spelling and grammatical errors that should you click the link you will hopefully notice you are not on a genuine site and leave.
If you do ever click on one of these links please do not enter your card details, purely clicking the link will not cost you, entering your details will.
The safest way to ensure your details are safe is to give the company a call and give the correct details over the phone.


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