The polls have closed and we are live at The Oasis Leisure Centre as the overnight count is under way.

Here’s hoping the counting will be completed quickly and in just a short few hours the returning officer will be here providing the results






The Conservatives seem in good spirits this evening and council leader David Renard appears confident of keeping control of the council.

We are now coming to you live with a full WiFi signal – it would appear that we unknowingly removed the wrong plug when we arrived – oops – at least the router is on now 🙂

There is a lot of interest in te Old Town count this evening with this seat expected to go down to the wire and if there is going to be any recount needed this evening this will be the ward in which it happens.

If what we are hearing is true, Steph Exell will be victorious in the seat for Mannington & Western for Labour.

Rodbourne Cheney is the first result of the evening declared with Jim Grant retaining his seat with 1,185 votes, for Labour Conservatives 981 and UKIP 395 with a turnout of 29.31%

Covingham & Dorcan has been retained by Dale Heenan for the Conservatives with 1,742 votes, Labour 747 and UKIP 374. The turnout was 35.1%

Penhill & Upper Stratton has gone to David Ibitoye of Conservatives 1,086 votes with Labour 785, Independent 468, Green Party 172 and Lib Dem’s 109. Turnout 29.23%.

Chiseldon & Lawn is next, this one is also Conservative with Jenny Jefferies taking 1,742 votes, Green Party 549 and Labour 494. Turnout 38.49%.

St Margaret & South Marston next up – Roberty Jandy of Conservatives take this one by just 45 votes! 1381 to Labour’s 1336 and UKIP picking up 378. 35.39% turnout.

Gorse Hill & @Pinehurst is won by John Ballman of Labour with 1,327 votes to Conservatives 560, UKIP’s 379 and Green Party’s 282. Turnout 29%.

Mannington & Western now – this one goes to Labour and Steph Exell with 1,1116 votes to Conservative’s 573, UKIP 289 and Lib Dem’s 212 – a turnout of 31% in the ward today.

The results seem to be flying in now with the returning officer Suzie Kemp up and down from the stage like an electoral yo-yo.

The biggest turnout of the day so far with 42.48% goes to Wroughton & Wichelstowe with Cathy Martyn taking 1,193 votes for Conservatives, Lib Dems 768, Labour 233 and Green Party 222.

Eastcott is held by Labour with Paul Dixon taking 1,506 votes with Lib Dem’s 971, Conservative 245 and UKIP 174. Turnout 28.6% with the Borough turnout being announced as 34% overall.

Liden, Eldene & Park South had a turnout of 33.63% with 1,196 voting for Bazil Soloman of Labour, 914 for Conservative, 387 for UKIP and 160 for Lib Dem’s.

Conservative’s Caryl Sydney-Smith takes 1,433 of the votes in Lydiard & Freshbrook with Labour picking up 1,309 with a turnout of 34.9%.

David Renard holds onto Haydon Wick with a vote of 1,436 to Labour’s 806, UKIP’s 364 and Green Party’s 262.

St Andrews goes to Steven Heyes of Conservative’s with 1,476 votes, Labour picking up 754 and Green Party 617 votes with a turnout of just 27.46%.

We are hearing that Old Town is going to go to a recount at  the request of the Labour candidate.

Blunsdon & Highworth has gone to Alan Bishop of Conservative’s with 1,654 votes, Labour picked up 756, Green Party 453 and Lib Dem’s 312.

Priory Vale vote has been called with Conservatives Vinay Manro taking 1,260 votes and Labour 860 with a turnout of just 26.85%

Walcot & Park North had a turnout of 30% with Labour’s Emma Bushell taking 1,384 votes, Conservatives 615, UKIP 339 and Lib Dems 245.

Shaw is next up with Conservative picking up 1,248 votes for Nick Martin ahead of Labour’s 961, Green Party’s 338 and UKIP 278.

Just Old Town and Central wards left to go, it would appear that Old Town will go to Conservatives and it would be a shock if Labour did not pick up their usual Central seat.





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