Kate Linnegar, parliamentary candidate for North Swindon, has expressed her concerns for the ongoing IMH troubles in light of another sudden departure from the company’s ranks. She writes…

“Yesterday we found out that Dr Martyn Diaper CEO of Integral Medical Holdings had left the company with immediate effect. We don’t know if he jumped or was pushed.

We do know that the Care Quality Commission had served IMH with a serious enforcement order.

To date I make that at least six casualties of the IMH fiasco. The previous manager Nigel Sweeney left suddenly in November last year. At the same time the clinical lead at IMH Swindon stepped down from her role.

In January Dr Mack stepped down as clinical chair of the CCG followed by Dr Jones chief medical officer IMH in March.

Recently the senior contact I had at the CCG has left her role.

After going into partnership with five Swindon surgeries over seven months ago, IMH have failed to deliver an adequate service. They have set and broken numerous deadlines and promises to patients to sort things out.

The CCG and IMH still haven’t given patients a date for the public meeting they were promised months ago.

Patients have submitted their concerns to the CCG, MP’s, the surgeries direct, IMH, Healthwatch, NHS England, the Health Secretary Matt Hancock and the NHS Ombudsman. Currently they are still suffering long waits to get through, no appointments when they do get through, delayed test results and reports from hospital, calls being cut off before being answered and no online booking service.

This service covers 20% of our population but no-one seems capable of sorting it out.

In February the leader of Swindon council said that IMH should be reported to the ombudsman if there was no improvement. Our MP says he is doing all he can.

The CCG are ultimately responsible for GP care of its residents.

Patients are seriously concerned that someone will come to harm. They want to know when someone is going to take responsibility and sort out this mess.”


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