Wiltshire Police are reporting that there has been an increase in the amount of reports of suspicious activity that could possibly be linked to Hare Coursing. Here is a reminder of what it is and what to look out for.
Hare Coursing is an illegal hunting activity where dogs are used to chase, kill and catch hares and cash bets are placed; damage is frequently caused from their trespassing on private land and landowners who request they leave are often victim to threatening behaviour.
Things to look out for:

  • Groups or convoy of vehicles in a rural area (e.g. parked in gateways to farmland, tracks and bridleways).
  • Coursers may walk along field edges to frighten hares into the open, often carrying binoculars.
  • Vehicles are usually estate cars, 4×4’s or vans.
  • Dogs will be being transported, not always in every vehicle (or there may be signs there has been dogs – collars, leads, dog crates in the back).

Do not confront anyone. Call 101 to report suspicious activity or vehicles or call 999 if you can see hare coursing is taking place at that moment.

Helpful information to provide:

  • Vehicle number plates, make, model and colour
  • Number of people and descriptions of anyone seen
  • Do they have dogs/equipment/firearms with them?
  • Are they trespassing?
  • What road are they on and direction of travel?
  • Only take a photograph if you can do so safely without risk to yourself.


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