If you are thinking of voting in the 2017 General Election you need to ensure you are registered or you will not be able to do so.

You only have 22 days to register to vote in the General Election, if you haven’t done so by May 22nd you could be turned away at the polls.

Even if you’re not sure who you will vote for just yet, make sure you have the option to have your say come June 8th.

Go to the Government site to register to vote

The most important thing to remember is when you are registering to vote, you will need your National Insurance Number to hand

Once you have registered you will be sent a polling card telling you where to vote. You do not need to keep this in order to vote.

Once you get into the polling station is it can not be easier. Give the staff your name and address, get given a card, go to a booth, put the ballot in the box and then leave.

If you can’t, for whatever reason, vote in person on the day there are a few other options you can take.

Vote by post: If you wish to register to vote by post you must register first to do this. Visit this site and fill out this form and your vote will be sent to you. Then just vote in the comfort of your own home and the send it off for free.

The deadline for registering is the same but to have your vote count you will need to post it back to arrive 11 working days before the election.

Vote by proxy: If you want to cast your vote but can’t make it to the polling station this option will allow someone to cast the vote on your behalf. This option is only available to those who live overseas or who have a disability.

The deadline to vote by proxy is 5pm on Tuesday April 25th.

To register for a proxy vote, click here.

Polls open on Thursday, June 8, and will be open from 7am to 10pm so you have plenty of time before and after work.

Now you just have to figure out who to vote for!


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