Heart FM bosses Global Radio have announced it is closing 10 studios across the country including Swindon, putting around 100 jobs at risk.

Regulation changes have allowed Global Radio to broadcast one national breakfast and just 10 regional drive time show meaning the end to the local shows.

Ben & Mel | Weekdays 6am-10am copyright Heart FM
Ben & Mel | Weekdays 6am-10am copyright Heart FM

Ben & Mel’ Breakfast Show is just one of the slots that will be replaced.

The new show will be produced in London, and means an end for 22 breakfast shows and 13 drivetime shows.

Global Radio says the changes will take affect ‘in the coming months’ but hasn’t yet announced a date.

Founder and executive president at Global Radio, Ashley Taylor, told Radio Today: “Competition from the BBC and digital services will intensify over the coming years and the new national breakfast shows will ensure we continue to be successful.

“Whilst I am always concerned about changes which impact on our team, it is important that we continue to evolve and grow.”


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