Kate Linnegar the prospective parliamentary candidate for North Swindon has called two public meetings to address the problems people are having getting a doctor’s appointment. International Medical Holdings have taken over the running of five surgeries in Swindon and created a hub to answer the phones and arrange appointments. Since then there have been numerous complaints of people having to wait hours to get through by telephone at Taw Hill, Abbey Meads, Phoenix, Eldene and Moredon surgeries.

“I was alerted in early October that there was a serious problem but read that Justin Tomlinson was in contact with IMH and that he was confident that it was being sorted out. Recently, several concerned patients have contacted me and asked for help. There were also a couple of requests for a public meeting. I have arranged two meetings, so more people are able to attend: one at Moredon community centre and one at Redhouse community centre. I have invited IMH, Healthwatch, staff from the surgeries and the CCG (clinical commissioning group)”

On some of the Facebook comments there are very frightening accounts of people’s experiences. Some people have had to resort to going to A&E or calling 111 and these resources are already over stretched. Many people wait for over an hour only to be told there are no appointments left. People are voicing real fear that the service won’t be able to provide sufficiently to the coming needs of patients during the winter months.

“We need to get some answers before someone’s health is seriously compromised. These public meetings are a start and discussion and details can be found on the ‘concerned residents of North Swindon’ page. Please come along and have your say,” said Kate.

Public meeting – Thursday 8th November 8-10pm

Redhouse community centre

Frankel Avenue, SN25 2GY Swindon,


Public meeting –  Friday 9th Nov 7-9pm

Moredon community centre

1 The Street, SN25 3ER Swindon

For more info contact Kate 07952 544394



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