Eye-catching sales boards for estate agents have begun springing up around Swindon.

The pop art-inspired boards have been designed for estate agent Richard James by brand experts Jazzbones.

Over 1,000 sales boards will be going up around town in the next month, along with some huge advertising billboards.

The bespoke illustrated portraits have been designed to appeal to would-be home-owners and tenants, and are accompanied with witty slogans and quotes.

“We know that in our work we are dealing with people’s aspirations, hopes and dreams. They’re not just buying or selling a house, they’re looking for a home,” said the estate agency’s CEO Richard James.

“We get people, that’s what makes us different. We make sure you get the best price for your home when you decide to move on, and we can help you find a home you love. And we do that by getting to know you.”

“We have worked on multiple design collaborations with Richard James for over 10 years, but our latest work for Swindon’s number one estate agent is a real game-change,” said Jazzbones’ lead creative Mitchell Nelson.

The bold illustrations used a refined colour palette of dark blue and gold already used by the estate agent, while pushing towards a new exciting direction.

The images will be used on sales and lettings boards, stationery, and promotional materials.

The branding is also being adopted by Richard James’ Incentivised franchise brand, which will expand the geographical reach of the branding through its network of independent estate agents.


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