The Swindon-based, Richard James Group of estate agents have finished replacing every one of their For Sale boards this month, with eye-catching new designs which better reflect the people at the heart of their work.  The pop-art inspired designs will create an instantly recognisable brand identity for the whole network in Swindon and across the region.

The new designs are part of a move by Richard James to put people at the heart of their brand, to highlight their unique approach.  The designs feature a range of different faces, many of which are based on real customers and employees.

“We know that in our work we are dealing with people’s aspirations, hopes and dreams. They’re not just buying or selling a house, they’re looking for a home,” said CEO Richard James.

“We get people, that’s what makes us different. We make sure you get the best price for your home when you decide to move on, and we can help you find a home you love. And we do that by getting to know you.”

The designs were developed with the help of a range of brand and design agencies, including Old Town firm Jazzbones, who created the final designs.

“We have worked on multiple design collaborations with Richard James for over ten years, and were delighted to be part of the team for this collection, which is a real game-changer,” said Jazzbones’ lead creative Mitchell Nelson.

More designs will follow which continue to reflect the diversity of the people they work with, which Richard James hope people will enjoy spotting as they appear.


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