Wiltshire Police has launched its autumn recruitment drive, with applications now open for Police Constables on their website http://www.wiltshire.police.uk/jobs

All candidates need to register online and complete an initial eligibility form, including educational qualifications by Sunday 1 October. Candidates who pass the initial eligibility stage are invited to complete an application form.

Shortlisting stages include an assessment centre, medical, fitness, references and vetting checks. The whole recruitment process takes a number of months due to the high standards and skills needed for the role.

From September 25, we are also accepting applications for Police Community Support Officers (PCS0s) who work with police officers and local crime investigators in integrated community policing teams. PCSOs provide a visible patrolling presence and develop strong relationships with communities, acting as an effective crime deterrent and local community contact.

Wiltshire Police has a strong ethos of equality and inclusion, not only in the services it provides, but also within the organisation, to ensure the Force effectively engages with the public. We need people who are dedicated to serving the public to help people, sometimes the most vulnerable in our society, often in times of great personal crisis.

Police Officers carry out a range of roles including:

Working with partners and the public to improve the safety of the local community

Responding to calls for assistance from the public, recording and investigating crime and helping the community to resolve local issues.

Carrying out mobile and foot patrols, seeking to reassure the public and proactively working towards preventing and detecting offences

Attending and investigating traffic accidents, working with other agencies to improve road safety
Interviewing suspects, witnesses and victims, establishing facts and compiling case files for prosecution and other further action

Arresting and detaining suspects and gathering evidence to enable the fair and just prosecution of offenders.

Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) do not arrest people or investigate serious crimes, but they play a vital role providing reassurance and a visible presence as an effective crime deterrent, especially for minor crimes and anti-social behaviour. PCSOs also work with partner agencies including local authorities and housing associations to solve local problems.

Key PCSO tasks are:

Community liaison and promoting safety

Investigating and supporting community events

Working with schools and local organisations to gain public trust

Community foot patrols and gathering local intelligence

Traffic control

For more information and full details on how to apply go to http://www.wiltshire.police.uk/jobs. You can also email applications@wiltshire.pnn.police.uk with any specific queries on the roles being advertised.


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