Have the family round this Christmas and fancy something a little different to the old favourite Monopoly?

Maybe the board games are leaving you well a little board.

Give one of these easy to play games a go, you won’t need anything more than a deck of cards, some kitchen utensils and a good imagination.

Mafia (some call it Werewolf)

If you are in a group of six or more this game will be perfect. Mafia allows you to either kill off your least favourite family members or gang up to accuse others the murder. Figuratively speaking of course!  The rules to Mafia can be found here.


This fast-paced game requires a quick hand and will have you scrabbling around on the floor for spoons, which will temporarily become your most prized possession. Rules can be found here.



Fast reflexes will result in victory in this game. You are going to need a minimum of four people.

The rules are simple; everyone stands in a circle facing each other. Everyone places their hands together, and one person starts by clearly pointing at another person in the circle with their hands. That person raises their hands to the ceiling, and the people to their immediate right and left use a clear chopping motion to point to the person in the middle. Whoever chops last of the two is out.


Maybe you have a know-it-all amongst you this festive period? Now is the time to put them to the test.

The rules are as follows: Everyone sits round a table, and one person picks a general topic (English Towns beginning with ‘S’). The person to their left states how many Towns they think they could name in two minutes. The person next left then either increases on their number, or challenges them. When a player is challenged they must attempt to name the number of Towns they said they could. If they fail, they lose and maybe are not the brain-box they thought they were!

If all else fails there is always Charades!

Split off in two teams. One of your team will act out each syllable of a word or phrase in order, followed by the whole phrase together, while the rest of the team guess. You knew that right?!

Merry Christmas!


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