This is a play determined not to let its audience settle.  A work determined – calculated – to keep the foundations under it crumbling.  The set is virtually naked.  The lighting is harsh.  The dialogue is discordant.

At first things seem simple.  There’s a cast of two: Kira Sawford and Darcy Roles.  A duo.  In a car.  On a road trip.  Driving to retrieve an unspecified treasure from a deserted house.  Swapping inanities to avoid talking.  Thelma and Louise is a quoted point of reference.  So far so simple.

But then the world lurches.  Time splinters.  The actors switch roles, plunging deeper into the sense of a fever dream.  One is soaked in bile.  The drama is haunting and haunted.  An autopsy of a childhood misery.  A story of debt, desperation and displacement dredged from the depths of the Twilight Zone.

Both actors sustain the nightmarish concentration of this compact and taut psychodrama with flawless focus.  Both keep the audience fixed during a series of intense monologues.  Neither are ever lost on the vast blank canvas of the space.

Less than an hour later it, the show, is over.  The audience sit blinking, wondering what exactly it is that they’ve just seen.  The couple sat next to me and I are sat for several minutes after the play has finished trying to chew over what we’ve witnessed.

And if all that doesn’t tempt you then its worth going to the Postmodern to see ‘Anyone Guess How We Got There’ for a sight of the producer, Olly Webb’s, trousers alone.

Like the deckchair of a madman.

‘Anyone Guess How We Got There’, presented by Darkroom Theatre, returns to the Postmodern tonight, 11th May, for its second and last performance. 



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