Audiences at the Wyvern Theatre have this week been taken back in time to 1987-ish with the sounds of Twisted Sister, Slade, Europe, Foreigner and Starship filling the auditorium sounding the arrival of Rock Of Ages The Musical to Swindon.

The plot may leave a little to be desired and comes with some shoehorning of songs, some with a brief conversation leading you perfectly into the number, others, well, just happening.

BUT, if you walk away from the Wyvern not having had a great night then you maybe didn’t like Rock the first time around and booked tickets for the wrong show.

Narrated by Lonny Barnett (Lucas Rush) you will find yourself transported to Los Angeles’ Sunset Strip where we are introduced to Drew Boley (Luke Walsh), a bar-back and Sherrie Christian (Jodie Steele) a wannabe singer from Kansas who immediately finds herself in trouble outside of the legendary Bourbon Rooms before taking a job as a waitress at the club.

The future of the club, owned by Dennis Dupree, many of you will know him as Corrie’s Curly Watts (Kevin Kennedy) is thrown into doubt by a money hungry Mayor (Adam Strong) and Nazi like property developers Hertz (Vas Constanti) and Franz (Andrew Carthy).

City Planner Regina (Rhiannon Chesterman) quits her job begins a protest at the Mayors decisions before finding herself as one of the musical’s love interests in an unexpected twist.

Along comes ‘rock god’ Stacee Jaxx played by Strictly’s Kevin Clifton, who it is hoped will be the saviour of the club and put on a show which will raise enough city tax to stop the closure, this is all forgotten after he takes advantage of Sherrie (and anyone else he feels) which surely puts an end to what started out as the typical love story between the two starry-eyed wannabes?

Not taking itself too seriously worked perfectly for this production, the audience came for a jukebox musical and that is exactly what they got, with an extra helping of raunch, underwear and a box full of clichés about finding love and fame.

From the narration to the vocals (even Curly’s) everything about this performance was spot on! The conversation at the post-show pint even centred around whether this was the best show to grace the Wyvern Stage!

The show is here for the week but if you haven’t yet got tickets you will do well to get your hands on some.

Check out the Wyvern website here to see if you can get your hands on some or call the box office on 01793 524481


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