“Ladies and Gentlemen!  Ruffians and Rowdy-folk!  Plebeians and Proles!  The delirious and dramatic denizens of the Darkroom Theatre desire you to marvel at their marvellous, modish, mystical and melancholic melodrama.  Our quirky, questing and quarrelsome quartet aim to absorb, arouse and attract your addled attentions: they present the sturdy, snug and solid Sergeant Dearlove; the noisome, needling and no-nonsense Nicky Ludd; the amorous, moonstruck and mesmeric Madame Poulet and – last but by no means least – the grandacious, glorious and gladdening Mister Edward Gant!”


Darkroom Theatre Company are back after their sell-out performance of ‘Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons’ with award winning ‘Edward Gant’s Amazing Feats of Loneliness’ by Anthony Neilson.

In 1881, the famed and enigmatic impresario Mr Edward Gant presented his renowned travelling show for the final time: a spectacle of grotesquery, tastelessness, black comedy, mystery and magic realism presided over by an opiate-addicted actor.

Over a century later, Neilson has reconstructed this intriguing and fantastic historical event. With a cast that includes a girl whose face sprouts pearls and a teddy bear desperate for an imaginary cup of tea, it is a theatrical piece combining the melodrama, extravagance and painful loneliness that characterised a Victorian freak show.

Edward Gant’s Amazing Feats of Loneliness is a strange and beautiful exploration of performance and performers, of sadness, mortality and wonder

Performed in the Wyvern Theatre Spotlight Room on the 23rd and 24th November.

Doors and bar open at 19:00

Age guidance of 14+

Tickets: £10, £8 Concessions


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