Book lovers will be happy to know that there will be a talk by Matt Holland, regarding the affects that increased literacy has had on the world both good and bad.

It takes place at 7.30pm Friday 5thApril, followed by discussion, with Swindon Philosophical Society, at Friends’ Meeting House, Eastcott Hill, Swindon SN1 3JF

 Two hundred years ago, it would have been impossible to communicate through writing with 88% of the world’s population, because they could not read.

Today, the ratio has almost reversed.

Being able to read has changed the world, or at least changed people’s lives in it.

The benefits of reading are clear and many but we cannot take the written word for granted. We may be informed, educated, and entertained by reading but we may still have to beware the power of words!
Entry is £2.00. For more information click here 


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