3 years ago poetry slam winner Edward/Edalia Day set about rewriting Hamlet using only videogame quotes. 400 hours of playing later they’ve come up with the wildest Shakespeare experience you’re ever likely to see.

“Day never ceased to impress…like a man possessed at times, effortlessly switching between characters…for me, the best original play I have seen.”
★★★★★ Theatre Bath

Singing ghosts, philosophical zombie shootouts and an epic boss battle between a Samurai sword wielding Ophelia and a giant mechanical beast are just a handful of the surprising turns the show takes but Edalia says despite how surreal the play is they’re keen to stay true to the themes of the original piece:

“Hamlet is about a boy struggling to cope with death. Videogames are a medium where you die a million times but never truly die.”

Combining classical text with modern poetry, the show also dissects modern ideas of privilege, gender and mortality.

Edward/Edalia is a trans/non-binary spoken word artist, animator and theatre maker from Swindon. They trained in mime at the revered Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris have performed in a wealth of Shakespeare with notable roles including Bottom, Malvolio, Hamlet, Prospero and King Lear. Their first show, In The Surface of a Bubble used martial arts and masks to tell the story of where our dreams come from and this year they’re also touring Too Pretty To Punch which tackles transphobia.

Inspired by films like Scott Pilgrim Vs The World and full of retro animation and comedy songs, Super Hamlet 64 is fast paced retelling of Shakespeare’s most famous tragedy.

Nominated for best new writing, best production and best actor at the Buxton Fringe.

For more information please visit www.edwardday.co.uk or contact Edward/Edalia on 07712 582 972 / ed.day@btinternet.com

Wednesday 3rd October, Swindon Poetry Festival, 20:00
(Running time1 hour 45 minutes)
Richard Jefferies Museum, Tickets, £8
Marlborough road, Swindon
Available from


“Clever, intriguing but funny and dark in equal measure, this piece provides a detached appraisal of the conflicting rules we live by.”
★★★★ West End Wilma (on In The Surface of a Bubble)

“Day’s language is a flower-bomb of rich, thought-provoking imagery, it truly pushes the boundaries of the imagination.”
★★★★ A younger theatre (on In The Surface Of A Bubble)


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