After a year’s break, Saturday September 15th will see the return of the Swindon Radical Bookfair.

Taking place between 1-5pm at Central Community Centre, the bookfair will feature workshops and stalls from a range of community and activist groups and will be the 4th annual radical bookfair.

The event is organised by Swindon Trades Council, a group originally set up in 1898 to coordinate Trade Union activity in Swindon.

Dee Curd, Secretary of Swindon Trades Council said; ‘We are really excited at the range of groups taking part in this year’s event. We are really pleased to welcome groups such as Acorn, a community union, which has been organising tenants to win some really significant victories against unscrupulous landlords.

After high interest last time they spoke in Swindon, we are also pleased to host Docs not Cops, who will be giving a workshop on keeping the NHS free and accessible for all.’

Swindon Trades Council delegate Nikki Dancey said ‘A wide range of progressive groups will be at the bookfair.

Whether you want to find out how to get involved in saving the NHS, stand up for your rights at work, oppose the far-right, fight against climate change, or even set up your own housing co-operative, there will be something for you!

The event is about more than books; it’s a great chance to find ways to get involved in groups fighting locally to build a better, fairer world.’

Other groups taking part in the bookfair include Reel News, The Morning Star, Swindon Keep our NHS public the Hunt Saboteurs Association, Unite Community and many more.

As well as inspiring Swindonians to transform their town, the bookfair will feature stalls and workshops looking at the history of local working class people, including a talk by Bristol Radical History Group telling the story of Victorian women who ended up in local workhouses.

For more information, please contact

Entry is free and refreshments will be available throughout.


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