To most, Danny Rowland is known as The Pavement Poet. As he travels through cities and towns across the UK and parts of Europe, he chalks his poetry on the pavements. What inspires him to live his life the way he does, constantly on road, travelling with nothing but his bare essentials? And what do the locals and the councils think about his chosen form of creative expression? Find out in this short documentary, where Danny takes you to the very beginning of his journey and discloses the challenges of his way of life.

Local film maker, Tamara Gabriel has make this short documentary about Danny, which gives you more of an inside into his life and his attitude towards the world around him. As well as explaining a bit about his poetry, it is a wonderful insight into a man trying to live a life defined by his own rules and increasingly apart from what most people would consider a “normal” lifestyle.

Let us know what you think about this modern artistic nomad.


  1. Maybe try asking yourself, K, why I was expressing my frustration in such terms. Frankly if the locals were a bit nicer, not to mention less abusive and bullying, I wouldn’t feel any need to call anybody a c£#t.

    I’m a fair person. What you give me is what you get back. Think of it as an energetic exchange where my response to the imbalance created by other peoples hatred is nothing more than a form of karmic retribution transmitted in the same manner in which it was received.


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