I grew up in an age where the options for beers and lagers over the British bar were slim to say the least. Beer was either of the mild or weak pale ale variety and lager seemed only to ever vary in strength rather than any other distinguishing feature. No wonder CAMRA stalked the land like tweed clad ninja, waging war on keg beers and lager drinkers. The more recent fashion for craft beers, independent brewers and above all, variety, does seem to these aging taste buds nothing short of a revolution.

Renegade Craft Lager is the perfect place to start if you are moving away from the tried and tested and dipping a toe in into the world of craft lager. I say this because it sits somewhere in a very central position when it comes to taste, one that doesn’t push the new comer into deeper waters too quickly. It is slightly dry and not too hoppy, is light but with just enough richness of taste to tell you that you have stepped away from the mass-produced and into something produced with more care and attention.

For a light and easy on the palette springboard into the ever growing world of craft lager, I couldn’t recommend a better place to start.

​December’s issue of Ferment, Adventures in the Global Craft Ale Movement have listed Renegade Brewery as ‘One to Watch’

​With a new £4.8million brewery scheduled to start brewing next Spring the micro-brewery, part of West Berkshire Brewery, is planning on giving its young brewers a free hand in concocting some weird and wonderful flavours. Some of those that have been experimented with so far include a Pineapple pale ale and a lemon and honey brew.

If you wish to try one of the original brews head on down to one of the local drinking establishments, you will find it on draught at The Tuppenny, The Victoria and The Rolleston and in bottle form at Baila Coffee and Vinyl.

For all things Renegade Brewery visit their website or to check out the full article at www.fermentmagazine.com or pop down to WHSmith where you can pick up a copy for £4.99. Alternatively head over to www.beer52.com and sign up for the beer subscription service and receive a copy free with each box of beer. (Enter Jones10 in the coupon box for £10 off)


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