If you are a regular visitor to the many craft ale pubs in Old Town we may have just found a subscription service to help you through those post Christmas days, you know those cold evenings where no one seems to be heading out anywhere but the gym due to their New Year Resolution membership signed up in a crazy few minutes that will not be used again after the 31st January.

Beer52, craft beer delivered direct to your door!

Beer52 offer a beer subscription service that let you try craft ale from the breweries that you just would not usually get to try.

Every month they post you out 8 beers from independent breweries from all around Britain and some further afield.

Each monthly beer selection is securely packaged, although mine had a side panel expertly removed? The beer is accompanied by the leading beer magazine, Ferment, allowing you to read up on the goings on in the world of beer.

The flexibility of the Beer52 subscription service will not leave you cursing the twelve month sign-up like the gym will as you are able to order a one, three six or twelve monthly subscription starting at £24 for one month falling to £21 a box if you opt for the full year.

The Swindonian readers are able to get a discount on signing up using discount code JONES10

Beer52 is different to many of the other subscription services I have tried in the sense that you cannot wait for it to arrive!

If you enjoy the beer and finish your box before month end you can send quick email and receive your next box a little sooner. If you are off on your holibobs or fancy a break from the ale just drop an email and ask for a pause in the delivery.

The flexibility of Beer52 doesn’t end there, you also have the ability to exclude certain beer you find you don’t normally drink such as pale or darker varieties, although this does take the fun out of not knowing what you are going to get.

My beer box came with the following beers from breweries from as far afield as USA and Estonia which I probably wouldn’t have got to try without this subscription and even a beer from just down the road in Bristol, my copy of the Ferment magazine, oh yeah and normally you get a bar snack but it appears the beer fairies helped themselves to my snack!

The first of the beers I tried was the Brewdog – Santa Paws, now was this me being simply unimaginative or acting like many I know and sticking to a brand I know?

Santa Paws had a hint of caramel, honey and wood with herbal and spices notes on the palate. Something I would never had known without the copy of Ferment!

Visit www.Beer52.com for more info on the subscription service and to order your box of beer – Don’t forget to use the code JONES10 to grab £10 discount – equivalent of 3 bottles of beer on a 1 month deal!

​**Last order date for Christmas delivery is Wednesday 21st December**

​**Just to confirm The Swindonian received no payment for this review but I was provided a free box of beer**


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