Join the Makeshift Ensemble at the Shoebox Theatre for a magical and memorable dive into the deep blue sea, with their latest show ‘I am Turtle’. Discover the ancient song of the Sea Turtles as they guide audiences through ship wrecks and sea shells, to sing their song anew when the future of their underwater world is in peril from plastics and beasts of the deep.

The Makeshift Ensemble, who have become a regular at the Shoebox, tour their celebrated shows for all ages across the UK. This show promises a flotilla of Sea Turtle puppets, wonderful live music, a beautiful story and an important message about the use of plastic and what we can all do to take care of the oceans.

“Come along and let us immerse you in some fabulous storytelling theatre, you can meet Great Uncle Archie and Pocket, our two beautiful sea turtle puppets and learn all about how to look after their home. We thoroughly look forward to coming back to the Shoebox and can’t wait to perform our new show for families in Swindon.” said Jacqueline Avery, Creative Director

‘I Am Turtle’ will be at the Shoebox Theatre on Saturday, 8th of June at 2.30pm and is suitable for ages 3+. Tickets are £6-£10 and can be booked at


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