An exhibition of photographs entitled “Images of Swindon”, are now on public display Swindon’s Brunel Shopping Centre. This collection represents the town as seen through the eye of the next generation, a youthful take on the town around us.

The photographs are the shortlisted entries of a competition that was part of the celebrations of the 175th anniversary of Swindon from the time that the opening of the Railway works established and redefined the potential of the town.

Earlier in the summer, between 23rd June – the 175th day of the year – and 26th June, Swindon school and college students were asked to take a photo that represented what the town means to them. The entries were judged South Swindon MP Robert Buckland and the top 12 shortlisted entries put on display on the upper floor of the Brunel Plaza. The competition winners will be chosen on Saturday 10 September at an event that all finalists have been invited to attend.

The first placed winner will be presented with a Nikon S7000 camera which has been donated by Great Western Cameras. The second placed winner will receive a £50 Brunel Gift Card and the third-placed winner will receive a £25 Waterstones Gift card. All other finalists will receive cinema tickets from Cineworld in Regent Circus. The winning entries will also be displayed on Thamesdown Transport buses.

Kevin Gwilliam, General Manager for The Brunel, said: “There is so much to celebrate this year as part of Swindon175 and it’s great to see what Swindon means to the young people in our town, through their eyes.

“We have a rich history and heritage here in Swindon that we should all be proud of, and being able to show our past, present and future through the eyes of the youth of our town is fascinating.”

The photographs will remain on display at the shopping centre until 15 September. The exhibition will then travel around the town and will be on display at various locations, such as the MPs’ new office at The Orbital in North Swindon, Lydiard House and STEAM.

Caroline Black, Project Manager of Swindon175 said: “This has been a great opportunity to engage Swindon’s schools and colleges in our 175th year celebrations. It’s great to see the winning entries displayed publicly around the town, and in addition, all entries received will form a lasting legacy for Swindon175 and will become part of the town’s archive stored at the Central Library.

“If anyone would like to host the exhibition of photographs please contact me, tel: mobile: 07733 364378 or email


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