Rhyme, rhythm, music, stories, and wordplay with poets, storytellers, and live musicians, in a relaxed cabaret setting, this promises to be a fitting Finale for the twenty-fifth Swindon Festival of Literature!

Music will come chiefly from the Glowglobes, aka Laura Pocket, delightful and dangerous on double bass, harmonica, and vocals; and John Holmes, on guitar and unmistakable longing-filled vocals.

Another kind of music, soulful flamenco, that drinks deep from its original sources, will come from FLAME&CO, where the Flame is Garcia Lorca’s ‘duende’ and the spirited Co is guitarist Haydn Bonadie, trained in Algeciras, and singer Cristina Navazo-eguía Newton, from Spain and Swindon.

Poems old and new, hollow and true, will come from Matt Harvey, poet, lyricist, and columnist, who has been around a while but is reckoned still to be full of potential. In fact, he’s doing very well and his latest book is Sit!

Poet Hilda Sheehan has travelled far and wide with her delightful and disturbing poems, from London to Ledbury, across land and sea to Chicago but, thankfully, always back to Swindon. Her debut collection was The Night my Sister Went to Hollywood and her latest is The God Baby.

Stories that bristle with brio and wordplay come from Chris Park, who happily lives in a luxuriant hedge, by beehives, birds, and beautiful people; has been slow-cooked in the ancient earth-ovens of folklore and fable; crafts greenwood structures, and tells great stories. He also likes his laptop.

And bringing the curtain down on the 25th Swindon Festival of Literature Finale are international acro-balance duo of Jacob Hi-Ho and Darine Flanagan, newly-returned from a Central American tour of duty with Performers without Borders. The minute they walk in the joint.

Town Hall, Regent Circus SN1 1QG
Tel 01793 601700
7.30pm • 19 May £12 (£10)


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