So many Swindonians up and about at 5am on Bank Holiday Monday morning walking through Lawn Woods, granted some on their way home after a good night in the Old Town nightspots but many more on their way to the launch of the 25th Swindon Festival of Literature.

Jake opened the proceedings playing the watering can whilst Danny played the pipes high up on the Lawns plinths with the sun lighting up the Swindon sky behind them.

Proceedings continued with the Sun Arise Singers, Jacob Hi-Ho and his fire-flinging, musical, and dancing friends, story time with Cat Weatherill and Extollager Jon Cannon sharing his Piece of Places and Story of Stones.

Matt Holland then introduced the crowd to Guiseppe, the festival cockerel before paying homage to those who have graved the festival in the past twenty-five years and are no-longer with us.

Tony ‘Community Poet’ Hillier then closed the show with ribbons flying all over tangling their way around the maypole.

The Dawn Chorus is now over which means the 25th Swindon Festival of Literature is now in full swing.

If you are still to decide what you are doing in the next two weeks why not head on over to the Festival website and check out what is on.


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