The 25th Swindon Festival of Literature is about to begin, with the Dawn Chorus on Bank Holiday Monday 7th May, 5.30am.

During the following fortnight, the fruits of the labours of both authors and organisers will be shared, discovered, and enjoyed by us all.

Inspirational authors, inquisitive audiences, and the organisers’ belief shape the Festival and offer opportunities for change, through stories.

Christie Watson, a registered nurse for twenty years, provides a moving insight into the life of a nurse on the ward and the patient stories within its walls, in The Language of Kindness.

Kate Raworth will attempt to redefine and challenge our economic outlook in these uncertain times. How do we tackle inequality, climate change and poverty while maintaining stability and prosperity? Is it time we rewrote 200 years of theories? Looking at our long-term future, Doughnut Economics explores a new economic model, one that promises not only to serve but to sustain both domestic and global economy.

Dr Anna Machin shifts the parental focus and changes perspectives with her book The Life of Dad. In it, Anna explores a father’s influence on a child’s upbringing, his importance in the family dynamic and why dads are key in the world of the family.

First-time novelist and Sunday Times Best Seller, Libby Page explores a community united by a common cause, in The Lido. Inspired by her experiences as an outdoor swimmer, Libby brings together a fictional lifetime resident and new arrival to rescue their local Lido and with it show the importance of place, the value of community and how ordinary people can make a difference.

Miranda Doyle questions ‘truth’ and its concept in our fast-moving society, something that she worries has become a rarity instead of commonplace. With frequent reports of deceitful politicians, corruption in large institutions, and fake news, Miranda seeks to regain the equilibrium with A Book of Untruths. This unreliable memoir and family story is told through a series of lies, which may cause the reader to question all memories we hold.

And by 18th May, having listened to established authors and informative speakers for almost a fortnight, might you be interested in putting forward your own ground-breaking or life-changing ideas in a three-minute slot at the Swindon Think Slam? Not only will you be rewarded with applause but also have the chance of being named ninth ‘Swindon Think Slam Champion! And it’s fun!

If authors and their stories tell us anything, it’s that we can challenge and change things if we try.

You can book any – or all – of these author events by clicking their names above or by visiting


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