David Walliams brings another of his bestselling children’s books to the Wyvern Theatre stage with the adaptation of Awful Auntie.

If you haven’t read the book I will give you a brief overview.

Stella Saxby awakes from a coma after a terrible accident, which claimed the lives of her parents, leaving her in the care of her Aunt Alberta.

At first it appears Alberta is looking out for Stella but it does not take long to see she is in fact out to bag herself ownership of the listed Saxby Hall left to Stella in her father’s will.

Quickly finding herself a prisoner in her own home wrapped in bandages to help mend her broken bones, Stella teams up with Soot, the ghost of a young chimney sweep to help her escape the awful Alberta and her reveal her murderous ways.

Time is quickly running out for the twelve-year-old as Soot reveals that once a child turns 13, their ability to see and more importantly believe in ghosts will vanish leaving her on her own.

They have just 3 days left…

The opening night crowd was mixed with families and couples who were all treated to an entertaining plot with some outstanding acting alongside a magical set transforming from the cellar to the rooftops and then the garage before your eyes. This really is a thoroughly enjoyable evening for all ages.

Georgina Leonidas of Harry Potter fame gave a mischievous yet innocent performance as Stella alongside Ashley Cousins as the cheeky cockney ghoul Soot who treated the audience to a couple of hours of belly laughs mixed with some grandad humour whilst finishing off with a serious message to the children. Don’t wish away your childhood!

Add in some silly Walliams style pranks, a doddery old butler played by Harry Sutherland who appears on stage at some odd times walking the rug or mowing the carpet, a weird car chase and an unusually large owl and you have yourself a perfect night out for all the family.

Richard James who played the dastardly Aunt Alberta is the stand out performer in this production whilst taking nothing away from the other cast members.

After various roles in Gangsta Granny it is clear to see that Richard enjoys the David Walliams style and has picked up some Walliamisms along the way, at times leaving you believing the man himself was up on stage in front of you.

If you get yourself to the Wyvern this week you will not be disappointed, the show is here until Saturday 24th November and you can pick up tickets online or at the box office on 01793 524 481


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