SWINDON SLAM! – hosted with charm and good cheer by Sara-Jane Arbury, aided and abetted by Steve Rooney, and applauded and enjoyed by YOU!

Welcome to the twenty-second Swindon Slam! – an opportunity for poets of any age, experience, or pedigree to take their gaze off the page and do it on stage; to share their verve and verse with a supportive and appreciative audience; to seize their moment to stanza and deliver!

This is what happens. Poets who want to have a go, apply to enter as soon as possible. Numbers of competitors is limited – numbers of applaudience is not! On the night, competing poets are called up on stage to perform for three minutes each. From then on, it’s a knockout! Kindly judges, chosen from the kindly audience, decide who inspires and who expires. But whatever their fate, all competitors can expect a rush of adrenalin, roars of applause, chunks of chocolate, and showers of flowers. Everyone is a winner and gets a prize, even if it’s only a choccy haiku. But only one poet becomes the twenty-second Swindon Slam champion and carries off the bubbly-filled trophy.

If you want to compete, email: sjarbury@gmail.com or phone 07814 830031.

Hosting proceedings, and juggling judgements with wit, wisdom, and whistle, will be svelte, intro-writing mistressy mic madam Sara-Jane Arbury; and likeably laid back, selfless, and smouldering Steve Rooney.

Arts Centre, Devizes Road SN1 4BJ
Tel 01793 524481
7.30pm • 12 May • £8 (£7)
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