Ethics for Enemies – Fennr Lane (single review)

Ethics for Enemies – Fennr Lane (single review)

Fennr Lane has always been about getting the point musically speaking, simple classic rock lines built around a slow and relentless drive rather than any quick pay off or gimmickry. Here they distil that rock and roll essence down ever further but balance it with a deeper push into the dramatic Wagnerian territory that comes naturally to them.

They have always worked well with light and shade, understood how to play the slow build dynamics card and if this is an example of what they can do on the limited budget I know they have available, imagine the big screen sonic writings they could produce if time and money were less of an issue.

Gothic soundtrack, end of set anthem and symphonic rock stripped down to the bone all rolled into one and proving  yet again that the most straightforward of ideas are all you need if you delivery them with passion and panache.


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