Who doesn’t like an evening of entertainment based around complex mathematics theory?

You’d think I wouldn’t.  Mathematics was my nemesis at school.  I could manage basic arithmetic, given a calculator and a lake of patience, but when my maths teacher tried to lead us into the realm of trigonometry, probability or – God forbid – algebra I was all at sea.

With that in mind Kyle D Evans’ combination of maths-folk-comedy, presented at the Swindon Fringe, shouldn’t have really been my thing.

Evans first began to win me over when it became clear that, where maths is concerned, he’s a magificent pedant.  God loves a pedant.  And coolly and pedantically correcting flawed mathematical equations in the works of Bob Dylan, Kate Bush and Mariah Carey is intrinsically amusing.  The mere thought that Mariah Carey has flirted with algebra in the past is a good gag to start with; surgically debunking her wonky equations is a guilty pleasure.

He’s also a very good musical comedian.  Don’t expect me to analyse his guitaring.  I don’t understand guitaring – the Swindonian already has an exemplary music reviewer who understands guitaring – but his wordplay is fiendish.  It’s not easy to rhyme ‘Pythagorean theorem’ on a good day; building a song around repeatedly rhyming with ‘Pythagorean theorem’ suggests a form of unsound Bond Villian-level genius.

There was also a very pleasing part of the show where he had a member of the audience pretend to be a tortoise to explain Zeno’s Paradox.

That last sentence has never appeared in any kind of written review ever.

Conclusion?  It transpires that mathematics can be fun.  All you need Kyle D Evans on stage with his guitar doing the algebraic heavy-lifting.

The Swindon Fringe continues until 15th April


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