Having not read the book it took just a little online research to figure out I was going to love this David Walliams stage adaptation of his best selling children’s novel.

A best selling novel, a BBC screen all star version and now a stage version which this week was announced is heading off to the Garrick Theatre in the West End. Oh and it was written by slapstick comedy genius David Walliams. What more was needed….

If you haven’t yet read the book don’t worry, the title of the play tells you everything to expect. It is a heart-warming story of balaclava wearing old girl holding up banks for fun, well not quite.

The story follows the story of Ben (Ashley Cousins), he hates Fridays as this is the night he has to spend with his Granny (Gilly Tompkins) whilst his parents go off and chase their dream of becoming the next Strictly stars, whilst being force fed cabbage, for starter, main and dessert.

After overhearing a conversation of how much he hates being at Granny’s things have to change, out with the cabbage trumping sweet old dear and enter the international jewel thief Gangsta Granny.

​Enter Mr Nosey Parker (Benedict Martin) who tries to figure out what Ben and Granny are upto and put a stop to their big plans. Benedict Martin played this character exactly as David Walliams would have hoped when penning the story, I had to double take as there were times I actually thought it was  Walliams himself up on stage

Ben is thrown into a strictly style competition that sees him give Peter Crouch a run for his money with his toe-curling robot dance which amazingly sees him lift the title, not that his parents, who took up seats in the main auditorium, felt they could celebrate the triumph.

It is after this that Ben and his Granny take on the biggest heist of Granny’s life only to be stopped in their tracks by none other than a cabbage induced flatulent Queen (Louise Bailey).

Through all of the slapstick, which kept a full auditorium of mainly kids drawn to the stage, and their parents laughing, the comedic tale Walliams was portraying actually came with a serious message to the youth of today, ‘Just because she’s old, doesn’t mean she’s boing!’ Something which hit home to Ben when sat at Granny’s bedside.

I somehow think many Granny’s in and around Swindon will be receiving an unexpected visit from the grandkids this week.

Gangsta Granny is visiting the Wyvern as part of a UK tour before sneaking into London’s Garrick Theatre for a limited summer run in 2017. Click here for more information.​ If you haven’t got your tickets for the Wyvern shows yet I suggest heading over to the website now.


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