Darkroom Theatre Company started as owner of Darkroom Espresso, Will Davies, and Drama Practitioner, Olly Webb harboured an insatiable desire to perform and produce more theatre in Swindon. Since inception, it has grown to incorporate musicians, artists, seamstresses and many more besides. Their debut performance this December will be Dario Fo’s often forgotten classic “Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay!” at the Shoebox Theatre.

1974: Inflation has reached an all-time high. The police are fascists. The government doesn’t care about the people. Action must be taken.

Meet Antonia, loving wife to Giovanni the Communist, and her friend Margherita, equally loving wife to Luigi the Communist.

Having started a riot in the local supermarket and ‘liberating’ groceries, they frantically try to hide the goods. But with police sniffing around, the Pope breathing down their necks, and their less than understanding husbands wreaking havoc, only a miracle can save them in this frenetic farce.

“There are many excellent groups in Swindon, I’m part of several myself!” Says Olly. “We want to produce theatre with a message. Theatre in Swindon is on a rise, I am lucky enough to be involved with a few of the established companies Darkroom Theatre is our excursion into the world of political satire, with a hope to bring to the floor some of the issues that are becoming more and more prevalent in society today.”

“I wanted to do Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay! because it’s covers a lot of issues which are prevalent right now. In a world of Brexit, Trump, Putin and Kim Jong Un who knows what is going to happen? I think it’s important we look at ordinary people, characters we as an audience can relate to, this story is one of a normal pair of women in Italy, 1975; it is their situation that is extraordinary, not them.” Continues Olly.

Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay! Runs on the 15th and 16th December at the Shoebox Theatre. Tickets can be purchased from www.shoeboxtheatre.org.uk/whatson


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