Last month I was lucky enough to be offered the opportunity of trying out a new duvet, a Fogarty Wool Duvet, the first question I asked, “what tog is it?”.

Why I asked this question I have no idea, just like the famous Rhod Gilbert joke I have no idea what the tog system is, it just seems to be one of those questions that pops up when getting a new duvet.

Well luckily for me this new Fogarty wool duvet has no tog system, I am trying out a ‘Temperature Regulating – Never Too Hot & Never Too Cold’ duvet.

On the side of the box Fogarty claim this duvet is going to improve my sleep, a claim backed up by Woolmark Research Data, it is going to adapt to my individual body temperature in fact it says ‘The duvet regulates itself just for me’.

These are some big claims.

Upon taking the duvet out of its box the first thing you notice is the weight, it is quite heavy, filled with natural wool and with a 100% cotton cover, it feels quality. Like one of those duvets you get in a luxury hotel.

Now having used this duvet through the last three weeks, you know those freezing cold nights at the start of spring followed by those blooming hot ones, I can definitely notice the difference from my old, now redundant duvet.

No wrapping it round my legs to keep warm, no throwing it off in the middle of the night as it is too hot either. Both of these meaning no broken sleep and more importantly no moaning girlfriend as I’m not waking her stealing the duvet or chucking my side on her!

Another good thing about this duvet, it fits in the washing machine, do not forget to put the machine on a wool wash though!

With everything I have experienced I am not sure how these tog rated duvets are still around? the only thing I can think of is price.

My double Fogarty Wool Duvet retails at £59.99. Yes this maybe a little more than your average duvet at whatever tog but this one duvet works all year round. No need to buy and store separate duvets for the different seasons. All in all cheaper.

In summary, this duvet does exactly what it says on the box, and is worth every one of those 5,999 pennies.


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