Well the guys in the 2006 Malibu TV advert would not have been complaining about being just 43 seconds late if they had paid a visit to The Green House this afternoon, they would definitely never have invented the famous white rum either! They would however have kept their tagline of ‘Seriously Easy Going’.

The Green House, is situated up on Eastcott Hill and a small restaurant offering Authentic Caribbean Cuisine. I came about this place after a google search for ‘Mac N Cheese in Swindon’. A weird search I know but this week I have had cravings for them small little pasta pieces smothered in cheese. (I do not think I am pregnant?)

Not expecting a result I was shocked to see The Green House, I have visited many restaurants in the town, I have never before come across this place. A quick look on their Facebook page told me they were closed, (they do not open Tuesdays), undeterred I continued my search for Mac N Cheese. To no avail.

A quick trip to the supermarket, and forty minutes later Mac N Cheese!! (Not as amazing as I had hoped but it was pretty good)

Another glance at The Green House Facebook page and it shows they have some lunchtime specials, well I will get the office on to this, and today I did.

Arriving at 12pm, lunch time, they had just opened, we were advised they were running a little late and food would be ready for 1pm. No problem, time to sneak in a lunch time beer before heading back and picking up everyone’s lunch. Not before being offered a free Patty to keep us going until we got back.

The Patty was superb! At just £1.50 and with a choice of Veg, Lamb or Beef (I went for the Beef) if you find yourself in the town centre I would definitely recommend this place for a quick snack.

Upon arrival at 1pm there a couple of others waiting in the restaurant and we placed our order and we waited to. The restaurant definitely had that laid back Caribbean feel and as long as the food tastes as good as it smells, is a place I would frequent.

Oh sorry, if time was not important that is.

After a forty-five minute wait we got our food and headed back to the office, where the greeting was one of hunger and disappointment. ‘Where is my coleslaw?’ ‘This looks no better than a KFC!’ I left them to it to.

I headed off back to eat my food, in peace, with no moaning about things missing, or it took ages.

My choices were Jerk Chicken Wings, Rice and Coleslaw, £4.00 lunchtime special. There was no coleslaw, that may have bothered others but I didn’t mind, although it was ordered so I guess it should be there. No one got any? Oh yeah the rice was not cooked so rather than wait even longer I ended up with chips. I know there is not much you can do with chips but these were disappointing.

The chicken was full of flavour, which was the saviour of this meal, although all I heard from others, they had opted for the fried chicken, was complaints.

Now you may remember I came here for one thing, Mac N Cheese. This dish is offered as a side dish at just £3.00.

The portion size is plenty and it looks amazing, so much better than my attempt.

The taste, well let me just say, this was the best part of my lunchtime. I should have just ordered the Mac N Cheese and nothing else.

I will definitely come back here, for the Mac N Cheese, Maybe I might just phone my order through before picking it up a few hours later………


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