Saturday, December 15, 2018

Food Reviews

Organic restaurant in Swindon

People go on about eating healthily all the time, not just eating the green stuff, or having to wear sandals, telling everyone you're a "vegan" but organic food. They drone on about preservatives and what is in the food. So where is there to...

What is it like to eat at the Crazy Bear?

Have you ever eaten at a place that has had such a WOW factor that you have had to tell people? I mean one of those places that when you go in, the conversation is more about the decor than what the food is...

Where to eat in Alfama, Lisbon

Alfama is Lisbon’s most emblematic quarter, a picturesque part of the city that is like a walk back in time, a village within a city still made up of narrow streets, tiny squares, churches, and whitewashed houses with tile panels and wrought-iron balconies adorned with pots of flowers.

Moody Burgers? Anything but!

Okay sometimes you want a finer dining experience, a long lingering range of courses and a well chosen bottle of wine, but sometimes you just want a platter of fun and flavoursome food, piled high and dispensing with the necessities of etiquette… and indeed cutlery. And when you do, I can’t recommend Moody’s highly enough.

So what is a Miller and Carter dining experience like?

food review

The Swindonian was fortunate enough to grab a chance to sample the dining experience of the brand new Miller and Carter, Steak house that opened in Swindon last night.

Miller and Who? I know, I was the same when I was offered the chance to...

Harvesting in the change

Most people enjoy an afternoon out, especially if the sun is shining and a friend has asked to meet you for a drink. Saturday 27th May was an afternoon just like this and you know that you have to take advantage of this offer....

The Friary Tuck… Inn.

After a weekend off and a busy Monday, the last thing anyone wants to do is get home and cook a meal, especially one that will fill a huge hungry gap. This was my dilemma this week and so I decided to head out...