The film centres on 20-year-old Alma. Her grandfather hasn’t spoken a word in years, but when he refuses to eat, Alma must locate an olive tree somewhere in Europe – a tree that was once sold against her grandfather’s will by the family. Along with her uncle, her friend Rafa, and her whole town, Alma sets out to find the tree, but first she’s going to need to find out who bought it.

The Olive Tree premiered at the Miami International Film Festival in May this year, with Anna Castillo winning the Best New Actress Goya Award for her performance as the film’s lead, Alma. A decade in the making, from writer Paul Laverty and director Iciar Bollain, you can watch The Olive Tree this Wednesday at the Swindon Arts Centre at 7:45pm.

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Spanish | Subtitles | Running time 99 minutes | Cert 15


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