On Weds 8th March Swindon Film Society continues its Arts Centre programme with a Brazilian film “The Second Mother”, a wry look at what happens when the live-in help get above themselves?

Val has spent 13 yrs working for a well-off family as housekeeper and nanny to son Fabinho. Her wages pay for the care of her own daughter Jessica, who she hasn’t seen in ten years.

When Jessica arrives to stay in the spare room while she takes the entrance exam for university, she makes herself at home in ways that throw the unspoken class barriers into disarray, and reveal the utter discomfort of her supposedly liberal employer. And to make matters worse, it’s obvious that both father and son of the family find this teenage girl extremely attractive! Writer and director Anna Muylaert cleverly portrays the unspeakable agony of class and caste in this funny, serious movie.


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