That ingenious entertainment company based in Orlando Florida have outdone themselves with this year’s remake of the classic Beauty & The Beast.

Oh, sorry, no not Disney.

Ok, the Disney remake of a film just 26 years old starring Emma Watson is pretty good and will leave you singing ‘Be Our Guest’ for days after leaving the cinema but, there is another remake of this classic that you can watch in the comfort of your own home, that’s right no £12 ticket price, over priced popcorn or annoying cinema goers kicking the back of your chair for 120 minutes.

This version is by the Orlando based video company Patty Cake Productions.

Tony Wakim and Layne Stein of Patty Cake Productions along with a cast of 50+ spend their spare time remaking musicals, musicals with a twist and have far outdone themselves with this one.

I can’t help but think picking a release date the same as the Disney remake has helped this video pick up a large number of the near 200,000 views.

Mashing Disney magic with the lyrics of Justin Bieber is pure genius, it works.


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