Why you will now have to pay 10p for your Tesco carrier bag

Why you will now have to pay 10p for your Tesco carrier bag

Shoppers at Tesco will soon be faced with having to pay 10p for a carrier bag – double the current price – as the supermarket giant phases out the single use 5p carriers.

Tesco will be the first major supermarket to do away with the single use bags in favour of the 10p ‘bag for life’ option.

This change will take effect from Monday 28th August after a successful trial sat usage of carrier bags drop 25 percent.

As the biggest seller of single use carriers since the free bags were scrapped in 2015, Tesco customers have actually used 1.5 billion less bags.

Although there has been a huge reduction in the number of bags since the charge was implemented the supermarket still sells 700 million single use bags each and every year.

Louise Edge from Greenpeace said: “It’s great to see major retailers moving away from disposable plastic.

“For too long we’ve seen plastic as something to be used once and thrown away. But there is no such place as ‘away’ – and millions of tonnes of plastic are ending up in our rivers, beaches, streets and in the sea every year, harming marine life.

“The plastic bag charge has done wonders for reducing the number of bags polluting our coastlines and waters.”

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