Warning issued to parents travelling with children who have a different surname

Parents who are going on holiday with children who have a different surname need to make sure they have all the correct paperwork to avoid their break being ruined.

Around 600,000 parents have been stopped, quizzed and even turned away at airports.

Lawyers have said that not being aware of simple rules could see travellers turned away at check-in or border control and could even spark an abduction investigation.

Lawyer David Connor has said: “People need to take extra caution when holidaying with children who don’t share their surname as they could unknowingly end up embroiled in a child abduction case, be refused past check-in, or turned away at border control.

“It’s vital you have the correct documentation to hand or it could derail your trip.

“For separated families, you’ll need evidence of approval from your child’s other parent, but remember to seek approval from everyone with parental responsibility – this may include grandparents too.”

Mr Connor also said that parents should ensure that if they are subject to a Child Arrangement Order it is carried and that if they have changed their name following a divorce they take the paperwork.

A copy of the child’s birth certificate should also be taken, as well as a death certificate if the child’s other parent has passed away.

For more information visit Gov.uk’s information page.

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