The Lydiard Bark Charity Dog Show is Back this Sunday!

The Lydiard Bark Charity Dog Show is Back this Sunday!

The Lydiard Bark Dog Charity Dog Show returns for it’s third year this Sunday 11th September. The show is held at Swindon’s Lydiard Park from 11am until 4pm with bookings opening for classes at 10.30am. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

This show is run by Swindon’s award winning Eastcott Vets. The profits this year will be donated to Oak & Furrows Wildlife Rescue Centre that relies on donations to care for and rehabilitate our local wildlife.

This year’s show has the now legendary charity raffle- with prizes ranging from a TV and Dyson vacuum to wine hampers and dog toys. There is also a tomobola with some great prizes up for grabs.

The Lydiard Bark Dog Show

The Happy Dog & Speak Dog Games Ring will see fun and laughs as dogs try and out do each other with games such as Recall Relay, Ball and Spoon Race, Can You Catch? and Teach a Trick. For Teach a Trick – Speak Dog will show owners how to train their dogs to do the trick in a short morning and afternoon session. The winners of this class will be the most dogs that show the greatest improvement (Best improver). This is a pay as you play ring and no pre booking is necessary.

There are trade stalls, face painting, hoopla, hula hoops, buzz wire game and plenty of fun for the family as well as the dogs.

This is a inclusive show with classes for dogs of all shapes and sizes. The emphasis is fun!

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